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Saas UI
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Build beautiful
software faster

Saas UI is a React component library
that doesn't get in your way and helps you
build intuitive SaaS products with speed.
Screenshot of a ListPage in Saas UI Pro


All components strictly follow WAI-ARIA standards.


Fully customize all components to your brand with theme support and style props.


Compose components to fit your needs and mix them together to create new ones.


Designed to reduce boilerplate and fully typed, build your product at speed.

Core components

Get started for free with 30+ open source components. Including authentication screens with Clerk, Supabase and Magic. Fully functional forms with React Hook Form. Data tables with React Table.

yarn add


Solid foundations

We don't like to re-invent the wheel, neither should you. We selected the most productive and established tools in the scene and build Saas UI on top of it.

Renata Alink

“Saas UI helped us set up a beautiful modern UI in no time. It saved us hundreds of hours in development time and allowed us to focus on business logic for our specific use-case from the start.”

Start your next idea two steps ahead

We took care of all your basic frontend needs, so you can start building functionality that makes your product unique.

    authenticationnavigationcrudsettingsmulti-tenancylayoutsbillinga11y testingserver-side renderingdocumentationonboardingstorybooksthemingupsellingunit testingfeature flagsresponsiveness

Not your standard
dashboard template.

Saas UI Pro includes everything you need to build modern frontends.
Use it as a template for your next product or foundation for your design system.


All premium components are available on a private NPM registery, no more copy pasting and always up-to-date.


Example apps in Next.JS, Electron. Including authentication, billing, example pages, everything you need to get started FAST.


Extensively documented, including storybooks, best practices, use-cases and examples.


Add user onboarding flows, like tours, hints and inline documentation without breaking a sweat.

Feature flags.

Implement feature toggles for your billing plans with easy to use hooks. Connect Flagsmith, or other remote config services once you're ready.


Components and hooks for upgrade flows designed to make upgrading inside your app frictionless.


Includes multiple themes with darkmode support, always have the perfect starting point for your next project.


Extend your design system while maintaininig code quality and consistency with built-in generators.


All code is available as packages in a high-performance Turborepo, you have full control to modify and adjust it to your workflow.

Loved by tech people

Eelco Wiersma

Founder Saas UI

“With SaaS UI I am able to produce high quality dashboard apps and internal tools without a lot of design skills. The ROI really is amazing.”

Caroline Yahaya

Fullstack Developer

“Saas UI allows me to build beautiful and functional UI super fast. The components are very well thought out and the Next.js starter kit saved me at least 100 hours of work.”

Alberto Vazquez

Frontend Engineer

“Saas UI gave us a perfect starting point for our project, having the storybooks already set up with beautifully crafted components and fully mocked pages was a treat.”

Pricing for every stage

Pay once and get life-time access to our high quality components.

Open Source

Basic compoents, perfect to get started.

MIT License

Authentication (Clerk/Supabase/Magic)

Form (react-hook-form)

Modals manager


Web3 components

And much more...


Complete frontend stack for bootstrappers and small teams.

One project

One developer

Advanced components

Multiple themes

Next.js and Electron boilerplates

Private discord community

1 year of updates

Private beta access


Unlimited license for growing teams.



Unlimited projects

Unlimited developers

1 year of updates

Everything from Bootstrap

Private beta access

VAT may be applicable depending on your location.

Frequently asked questions

How many products can I use Saas UI Pro for?
The single license can be used for one commercial application or SaaS product and unlimited internal tools. You can buy as many licenses as you need.
The unlimited license does not have any restrictions.
Can I use Saas UI Pro for client work?
Yes, that's totally up to you, as long as it fits the license you purchase.
Can I use Saas UI Pro for Open Source projects?
No currently not. A large part of Saas UI is already released under MIT license. We try to give back to the community as much as possible.
Does Saas UI include Figma, Sketch or other design files?
No, Saas UI does not include any design assets. Maintaining design resources costs a lot of extra effort. We believe small teams can move much faster by designing directly in code, with help of Storybooks.

The React component library for startups

Built by Eelco Wiersma